GeoAtico is a web application that allows the user to consult the most relevant information associated to voyages and expeditions on the Colombian territory, which is integrated in structured geographical relational databases, after homologation, harmonization and rigorous academic validation of primary and secondary sources. This information has been recorded on standardized forms through query and analysis tools that consider spatial and temporal scales of the information produced by each expedition.

The platfom is based on graphic design tools and web handling of the geodatabase with ArcGIS for server, for natural and socio-economic information associated with the sites visited as documented by the travelers in their original publications; in the form of geographic elements, with defined types, topology and scales, as points (sites, hills, bridges, etc), lines (paths along systems of transportation) or areas (e.g. watersheds and political divisions); with dates, associated with the points and tracks; similar to GPS files.

The application was presented in the User Software Application Fair of the 2013 ESRI User Conference in San Diego, CA.

The web application was developed using Javascript, REST, HTML5, CSS, Dojo Toolkit, Jquery, ArcGIS API for Javascript, ArcMAP

Entire web application including Javascript data and API handling for incorporation of ArcGIS services.

Access: Public