SOSTAC® is a marketing planning model that focuses on the six most important elements of any business. This web application based on the model uses IMS BLTI standard to connect to LCMS (Learning Content Management Systems).  The application provides a standard way of integration and establishes a seamless connection between the tool and any e-learning platform. In this case it allows students to use the SOSTAC® model as part of the online course “Digital Marketing for Global Managers” created in SAKAI platform, besides it provides instructors an easy way to track that use with actions like feedback comments for every element of the model.

The web application was developed using PHP, MYQSL, HTML5, Javascript, CSS, JQuery, Ajax and IMS BLTI specification.

Back-end and Front-end (Except graphic design and layout)

Access: Private. The tool is only available for registered students in the sakai platform of Pontificia Universidad Javeriana.

IMS LTI Specification website